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Which Landscape Designer Will You Choose?

June 23rd, 2021 | 2 min read

By Andrew Whyte

Which Landscape Designer Will You Choose?

Designing your dream outdoor space is exciting, but no easy feat,  there is a lot to consider.

The process can take quite some time, vision, creativity, perception and experience to execute and deliver the perfect final product. The landscape designer you choose will bring all of these attributes and more, helping you to create your perfect garden.

You have two choices when it comes to choosing your designer…When reviewing the two choices, you need to consider the varying levels of accountability the opposing designers will have, the involvement and work load you will have to contribute and lastly, which designer will be able to give you the best outcome.


Choice 1: Design-only Company.

When you engage a designer to create a plan for your future garden there can be varying results:

  • The designer will create a Concept Design that will look great but may lack specific detail around materials and plants. It may, however, satisfy from a visual perspective and give you a great indication of how your future garden will look, but a landscaper cannot provide you with a costing for landscaping, as it lacks so many details. For example, the designer may have stated “paving” but missed the specifics “Ravello (tumbled edge) 610 x 406mm, by 30mm thick pavers supplied by Eco Outdoor”. Without this information a landscaper cannot source the paver or the cost. So, what this means is you will be able to visualise your garden before it comes to life, but a quotation for landscaping is simply not possible. The result is your landscaper will take up the ‘hat’ of designer to finish their job and have to detail all materials and plants. This is the reverse of a professional approach, and the inherent danger is that a landscaper, not privy to the original brief, may likely steer away from the design intent first set out and the potential is lost.
  • A designer can create a fully detailed Master Plan that a landscaper can provide a costing for. However, the designer wipes their hands clean of the project once they have finished the design. It is then up to you to either source your own landscaper or perhaps they will recommend someone for you.
  • A few designers do offer a service where they will provide a fee for them to stay on in a capacity and help you tender out the project and monitor the landscaping once it commences.
  • Another important consideration is the level of skill of the designer to produce working drawings that are suitable for landscapers to be able to work and build from.
    The question is, does the designer help with obtaining permits; engineering; obtain such aspects as Report & Consent or Build-Over Easement permits?


Choice 2: Design & Landscaping Company

When you engage this type of company, this is what you can expect:

    • A Master Plan is created that fully details all materials and plants that easily allows a landscaping quotation to be produced.
    • Working drawings are created.
    • Permits are obtained.
    • Landscaping is done in conjunction with the designer to ensure all aspects are followed.

The question to ask yourself is, “Which designer do you want guiding you to create your dream garden?”


Andrew Whyte

Founder of Whyte Gardens