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Whyte Gardens


We take pride & great care for the aesthetic spaces we create.

Step 1:

The first step begins with the Initial Consultation

Understanding your needs, wants, and aspirations for your ideal garden, are what interest us most. You will no doubt wish to understand more about how we carry out your design process, so that will be explained. Seeing the existing garden space and determining what’s possible will be discussed.

At Whyte Gardens we offer two options to carry out the consultation: We prefer the on-line consultation which allows greater flexibility of hours available and while in the comfort of your own home, you can view a monitor while we share our screen and discuss options. We ask for any house plans or photographs to be emailed so we can share them on screen.

Please feel free to call Andrew on 90174344 where I can walk you through any concerns you have with an on-line consultation and explain how simple and effective it is.

Step 1: Formulate the Brief
Step 2:

Concept Design

A common concern voiced by clients to us, is around a designer running off on their own ideas and not creating to the clients’ desires. At Whyte Gardens we believe each garden is an expression of your unique appreciation of styling and importance of how the garden should function. To that end, we ask lots of questions and offer a design as a ‘suggestion’ and then revise it based on your feedback. We also offer our extensive experience and creativity to allow you to extend beyond your own ideas, if that is to your choosing. How the Concept Design is brought about:

  • We visit site and walk around with you to determine the overall theme for the garden. At this time we also take our measurements.
  • Within a day or two we email you a written brief for your approval.
  • A few weeks later on a Zoom meeting, we will present you a ‘Layout’ of your garden where we discuss the concept and any revisions you may desire. Along with this is an estimated cost for landscaping.
  • The next meeting is to present the revised design along with all plants, materials and finishes. There may be some further revision and once completed, we will provide a construction quotation for you.
Step 2: Concept Design
Step 3:

Master Plan

The final step of the design process is where we discuss exact materials, plants, and finishes. You’ll be able to see how every last piece fits together to create your most perfect vision. This is where your garden fully blossoms to life.

So many designers & builders miss out on key details that prevent your garden from being compliant. Not at Whyte Gardens.

From council requirements to building permits and everything in between, our team researches & secures all of them. You’ll never have to stress about a visit from your local officials!

Step 3: Master Plan
To Summarise

Whyte Gardens Design Services include…

  • An initial walkthrough of your garden to understand its theme & take measurements as required
  • Complete access to our expert design team as we listen to your input & create your unique layout
  • Research to discover if any compliance hurdles may interfere with the design, so you never have to stress about your garden’s compliance

Designing your perfect garden is a process that requires flexibility, creativity, and innovation. At Whyte Gardens, we’re honoured to help you every step of the way so you leave with a design that you’re absolutely thrilled about.

Whyte Gardens Design Service

Here’s What A Few of Our Clients Have to Say About their Garden Transformations:

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Whatever Your Vision is for Your Perfect Garden, We’re Excited to Bring It to Life

by Managing the Entire Design & Construction Process, So you can finally relax & bask in the beauty of your beautiful outdoor space.

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