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Whyte Gardens


We take pride in and great care for the aesthetic spaces we create.

Garden Construction

The next step after designing your dream garden and securing permits is to officially bring it to life. Our construction team works closely with both you and our designers to make sure that every part of your vision is implemented perfectly.

We know that all the details matter when constructing your garden, so we make sure to fully deliver on our promise of building a beautiful garden that makes you smile each time you think about it.

We also know that communication is key when it comes to a project like this. Our promise is that we will always keep you informed of your garden’s progress and we won’t stop the construction process until you’re absolutely ecstatic with the final product.

What's Included

Whyte Gardens Landscape Construction includes…

  • Expert craftsmanship from a team that has years of experience and proven results
  • Real-time communication so you’re always informed about the status of your project
  • A seamless experience for you as we coordinate every aspect of your garden’s construction–from building all elements to liaising with every contractor

Contract Step

With all designs complete and all compliance tasks performed, i.e. engineering, permits, etc. the next step is signing a contract for landscaping.

As Registered Builders for Structural Landscaping, we are required to obtain warranty insurance for your project. At this point, a 5% deposit invoice is now sent to you for payment.

Please note, there are landscapers out there asking for 20-50% deposits which is illegal. A 5% deposit is all that can be legally requested no matter the size of the project.

Likewise, you will only ever be invoiced for materials delivered to site or labour performed, which is following the legal guidelines to ensure you are protected.


With contracts signed, we can now look at when to arrive and how long the project will take. Generally, projects can be started within 2-3 months depending on complexity and duration and current work load.


How Landscaping Works

Your project will be planned out to suit site conditions and your personal needs.
Communication is the key to ensuring a smooth management of the site.

Site Preparation

The first step is to remove from the site all vegetation that is undesired, any sheds, walls, etc. Then excavate and grade the site. This can be a minor or major step.


Structural Elements

Next, any retaining walls and concrete slabs are poured. With structural elements in place the landscaping can form in various areas of the site.


Paving & Decking & Pergola

Now the various hardscape elements can be installed throughout the area.


Specialist Contractors

Throughout your landscaping build, we coordinate with other trades. These may include the pool builder, kitchen installer, plumber, electrician, basketball court installer and more.

Scheduling and liaising is something vital to your success and we manage all this for you to ensure a smooth install.



Finally, your plants are in the ground and the whole landscaping takes on a complete transformation as your garden is brought to life.

We plant out a low-maintenance garden that will attract you and others to share time together in beautiful surroundings.


Here’s What A Few of Our Clients Have to Say About their Garden Transformations:

Ready to get started?

Whatever your vision is for your Ideal Garden, we’re excited to bring it to life

by managing the entire Design and Construction process, so you can finally relax and bask in the beauty of your beautiful outdoor space.

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