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Landscaping Costs

One common question we're asked is, "What will my landscaping cost?" Assuming we've completed your Master Plan design, your landscaping costs will vary based on many factors. 

Landscape Pricing Overview

To budget your landscaping project accurately, we need to outline your desired landscape elements, based on your design, and assign costs to each.

Below, you can explore factors and optional elements that can impact your overall investment.

Landscape Pricing Overview

Factors that influence Landscape pricing

While not an exhaustive list, here are 6 factors that have the biggest impact on pricing your landscaping project.

What Do Typical Elements Cost?

In the following section, we will delve into various key factors that contribute to the calculation of costs. Bear in mind, these figures are only estimates aimed at providing you with a general understanding of what you can anticipate paying.

Optional Elements for Landscaping

Common Elements in Landscaping

Here are a few optional landscape elements that you might consider including in your landscaping project. Each of these elements will affect your overall investment accordingly.

Landscaping Pricing FAQs

What is a typical landscaping budget for a newly built home?

What is the invoicing process?

Will I save costs if I manage the project myself

Talk With a Designer

Find out how you can start creating your dream garden with a 60-minute Discovery Call

Get actionable advice about the design & and construction process for your unique garden as you speak directly 1:1 with one of our professional designers

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover in your call…

  • A deep dive into the current state of your garden
  • Your unique vision for your beautiful dream garden
  • How to build a perfect garden within your budget
  • And this is only just scratching the surface…