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Swimming Pool Process

Landscaping does NOT go around a pool. A pool IS part of the landscaping. Our Melbourne-based pool and landscape design services are here to make your vision a reality.

Step 1:

Designing your garden with a pool

The first question is, “what type of pool do you want, a Fibreglass Pool or Concrete Pool?” This is followed by, “What size would you like and with or without a spa?”

From here we can begin to talk with you about site conditions and how they affect choices to be made.

With the above known, the location and orientation of the pool become the next obvious aspect to talk about. Your designer will talk you through influencing factors such as tree roots that may cause compliance issues and possible need for moving the pool to a location that will be permitted. Other council issues that may arise such as overlooking concerns will need to be discussed so neighbours are not objecting. Shade from trees and building and possible future extensions or new builds next door that may affect your pool experience, also need considered.

It is worth noting here a common mistake, installing a pool before engaging a designer. As a pool takes up a large portion of the typical backyard, our design team will first be asking for everything you wish to include. When your list includes, a basketball court, a pool, a pergola, a firepit area, a lawn for the kids, etc. you can run into simply not having enough space to have it all without overcrowding ruining the design and useability of your garden.

After type, location, and size are all confirmed, and you have all known elements in harmony from a proportionate view, you can begin to get a more refined design concept. The height of the pool is a vital component that needs careful planning. This comes down to the thickness of the pavers to use for coping and the incline to drain away the rain or spillage from the pool.

Other aspects that may need to be considered are, location of the pool equipment and how it may need screened. Will you need to run in a new larger gas line for heating. Do you want an inground cover and the list goes on. There are more questions to be asked than are listed on this page to get this right.

Residence Photo for Pool Design
Step 2:

Engineering & Site Challenges

Once your Master Plan is complete, the design is sent to your pool installer to firm up their costing for you. After you approve their quotation, they seek engineering for their pool. In conjunction, we will create working drawings and send them to our engineer to see if and what they may have to specify for us to build from. You can see the image here of a fibreglass pool the client purchased before we were engaged.

Once we contacted our engineer, he had us pour concrete piers all the way around the pool to stabilise the concrete paving foundation, this would not have been required if it was aa concrete pool and cost an extra $20,000 for this. So getting the design complete prior to signing pool contracts is the best practise.

We liaise with pool builders and sometimes have them carry out works for efficiency reasons.
For example, the typical pool builder of concrete pools will pour concrete around 200mm thick but the typical coping paver is 400mm, so we ask our installers to pour a 350mm beam that allows for them to tile the inside and us to have an overhang into the pool.

The reason for this is that when we pour concrete around a pool, you have a join where movement can occur. This is the best spot to have two pavers meet and for polyurethane caulking to be inserted, allowing a prevention of cracking. It is only one of several technical aspects needing to be considered for a timeless pool free of issues.

Engineering and Site Challenges
Step 3:

How does the pool & landscaping get coordinated?

This is where a good working relationship between the pool builder and the landscape team can provide a smooth construction to take place. With fibreglass pools it is usually simpler in that, most pools have a 1-2 week period from excavation to filling the pool with water. Then we can complete our landscaping while the pool company fit of the equipment.

With a concrete pool you have a longer period of construction. Typically, we come in and prepare the site and may do some landscaping that is out of the way of the pool. Then, when the excavation for the pool occurs we will go to work on another project. It takes a few weeks for the pool builder to excavate, plumb, steel fix, and finally concrete pour your shell. Then then leave generally for around 4-6 weeks to allow the concrete to cure.

During this time we will usually pour concrete around the pool for the paving foundations. When the pool builder returns they may require two weeks to tile the pool and only then can we begin to pave the coping and surrounding. The landscaping and pool build/install is coordinated by us.

Pool Building Form Work
To Summarise

Whyte Gardens Swimming Pool Services include…

  • The design of the entire garden including the pool location, size, level, and type.
  • The landscaping surrounding the pool and beyond.
  • The coordination of the pool build and landscaping for your project.

Swimming Pool Construction

Once the design is complete, we will begin liaising with the pool builder to receive their input on the design, ensure all crucial points are covered and confirm the best design has been proposed.

Once construction is underway, whether you are located in or outside Melbourne, our team will continue to liaise with the pool builder and stay with the project until its completion.

Our Promise

At Whyte Gardens, we understand the importance of communication. That’s why we promise to keep you informed throughout construction, ensuring you are completely satisfied with your beautiful, tailored swimming pool.

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