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About Whyte Gardens

We take care of every aspect of your landscaping journey

At Whyte Gardens, we work with you on every step, not just the design or landscaping but every aspect, including compliance requirements, liaising with the pool builder, talking with your architect and more.

Meet Andrew Whyte

As you read these pages, you wish to understand if we are the right fit for you... and we may not be.

Our approach is for those who understand and appreciate the importance of what a garden has to offer. We design and build gardens that are authentic to who you are. To do this, we build a relationship with you and become your advocate. The closer we understand what delights you, the more your garden will be a portrait of what you value in life. I have often said, the greatest value of any project is the look of delight on a client's face as we handover the new garden. We keep this in mind throughout your journey with us.

Meet Andrew Whyte of Whyte Gardens

I’m a lifelong adventurer who fell in love with nature as a young boy in the Scottish Highlands…

My love affair with the great outdoors began when I was just a little boy. Growing up in the picturesque Scottish countryside, I spent most of my youth exploring forests, roaming the winding highlands and fishing in the river–all to satisfy my relentless spirit of adventure.

My grandfather, a prolific veggie gardener, was the first to introduce me to the power of a beautiful garden. It took me a while to realise it, but I now see that I’ve spent most of my life chasing the feeling from this time in my life.

It was this lifelong passion for the great outdoors that led me to create Whyte Gardens, because I want everyone to experience the pure joy of a garden that connects them to nature’s mesmerising beauty.

We believe in working with you and your ideas to create an outdoor space that truly reflects your personality. Our gardens bring a sense of order and calm that is both functional and aesthetic.”

–Andrew Whyte, Director of Whyte Gardens


Andrew Whyte Landscaping Project

What a Builder has to say

“We have worked with Whyte Gardens on several projects now, and their workmanship has been outstanding!

Their process and communication has been seamless and the end result achieved has been superb. We will definitely be working with them again in the future!”

- Timothy Greenham
Emerald Building Services

Hawthorn Backyard Landscape


Meet our Team

The designers are the artists who manifest thoughts into physical forms. Their role is to create a contemporary garden that is meant for sharing moments with others. Low maintenance is the single most asked request and so we keep this in mind as creation begins. The craft of both our in-house landscapers and the specialist contractors we use, allows us to build projects that will last. They are expert technicians of their trade. The Admin Manager is the glue who keeps the wheels turning. Andrew Whyte’s role is one of conductor, ensuring each of the team play their part to the best of their ability.

Your Ideal Garden awaits...

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