Seamless Garden Design and Construction to Create the Ideal Outdoor Space For You and Your Loved Ones

We believe your garden should be your personal sanctuary that exudes class & makes you proud. Creating the perfect outdoor space connects you to nature and allows you to bond with friends and family in a beautiful setting – creating lifelong memories in the process. That’s why we offer a full range of services to make your dream garden a reality.

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Here’s How Our Expert Team can Help
You from Start to Finish to Turn Your
Dream Garden Into a Reality


We believe that your garden design should be as unique
as you are. That’s why we work hand in hand with you to
develop a beautiful, personalised design in 3 simple steps.

Step 1:
Formulating the Brief

After we have all the measurements for your garden, we kick off the design process during an “Inspiration Session.” This is your chance to share all your ideas and desires for your garden. Have some fun with it, and don’t hold anything back!

We’ll brainstorm ideas to formulate a conceptual outline that inspires you. Once you’re absolutely delighted & excited by the creative vision for your garden, we’re ready to develop a more detailed design.

Step 2:
Concept Design

This is when we provide more clarity on how your initial wish list can be achieved. We hone in on the nitty gritty details to create a layout for your garden that you can easily visualise.

We discuss functionality, aesthetics, and budget in order to build a holistic plan for your garden’s final form.

Note: We allow for one revision of the Concept Design to alter any aspects you feel aren’t quite right.

Step 3:
Master Plan

The final step of the design process is where we discuss exact materials, plants, and finishes. You’ll be able to see how every last piece fits together to create your most perfect vision. This is where your garden fully blossoms to life.

So many designers & builders miss out on key details that prevent your garden from being compliant. Not at Whyte Gardens.

From council requirements to building permits and everything in between, our team researches & secures all of them. You’ll never have to stress about a visit from your local officials!

To Summarise,
Whyte Gardens Design
Services include…

Designing your perfect garden is a process that requires flexibility, creativity, and innovation. At Whyte Gardens, we’re honoured to help you every step of the way so you leave with a design that you’re absolutely thrilled about.

Garden Construction

The next step after designing your dream garden & securing permits is to officially bring it to life. Our construction team works closely with both you and our designers to make sure that every part of your vision is implemented perfectly.

We know that all the details matter when constructing your garden, so we make sure to fully deliver on our promise of building a beautiful garden that makes you smile each time you think about it.

We also know that communication is key when it comes to a project like this. Our promise is that we will always keep you informed of your garden’s progress and we won’t stop the construction process until you’re absolutely ecstatic with the final product.

Whyte Gardens Garden Construction includes…

With 30+ years of experience and 10+ industry-leading magazine features, Whyte Gardens is proud to have helped 550+ happy customers create their ideal gardens…

Here’s What A Few of Our Clients Have to Say About their Garden Transformations:

“Our garden brings a smile
to my face”
- Darren

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"The final design blew me away. So much interest and detail was put into the visual aspect of both front and back gardens. I love my decking, plants used and my outdoor BBQ area. What a difference it makes to use a landscape architect who is sensitive to your needs, with the end result being a garden that is so pleasing to the eye. Whyte Gardens thorough and professional approach was constant throughout the whole design and implementation process."
- Rosa Lanteri

"We were lucky to have a personal recommendation to approach Whyte Gardens and consider their design for our lakeside retreat. The task was challenging with tight local regulations and a difficult block with which to work. We were delighted with their initial design and their professionalism in the build phase. They transformed the block into a landscape of which we are very proud. The design is sensitive to both the local community and to our home."
- Mark & Julie Umstad

Whatever Your Vision is for
Your Perfect Garden, We’re
Excited to Bring
It to Life by Managing the
Entire Design &
Construction Process

So you can finally relax & bask in the beauty of your
beautiful outdoor space.

Here’s What We’ll
Discuss During
Your Consultation: