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What Does Landscaping Cost?

We know that cost is one of the most important factors determining how your ideal garden comes to fruition. The most common question we are asked is, “what would be a ballpark cost for our landscaping?” This is much like asking, “what does a car cost?” – You know the answer to this one, it could be anything! However, we totally understand if you have apprehension engaging a designer with what seems like a blank cheque for your project. There is no quick answer to this, however, below you will find realistic costs based on actual projects we build.

Our typical client

What does our typical client invest in landscaping?

Depending on the size, access, complexity of design, will determine cost. Courtyards can vary from $40-120,000.

As in all projects, some aspects the determine the amount invested are, the value of the property;
the individual taste of the client for quality materials and inclusions of more luxury items;
and whether the investment is a short term of for-ever home.

When we talk about a typical suburban block for a new-build home, the investment is typically around $100,000-200,000. This price increases to over $300,000 when pools, basketball courts, pool house, etc are also included.

Sloping Blocks

Sloping blocks commonly need more excavation and of course lots of retaining walls. As example, we are currently working on a block with 25 steps to the front door and slopes at rear being just as steep. This Balwyn site is founded on shale and difficult to dig into. These walls will be around $100,000.

Sloping Blocks

Size of the Block

When the size of the block increases, all elements tend to expand and suddenly you have all costs doubling.

Size of Sloping Block

Quality of Materials Used

Quality of materials used can greatly influence the cost. For example, an average paver may cost $70-100/m2 to purchase. We bought pavers a client liked that were $250/m2, plus they required special laying methods that added another $10,000 to the cost.

Quality of Materials Used

Stone Cladding

Stone cladding as a feature looks amazing, but on average it takes a day to lay one m2 for certain stone and so you could look at $1000/m2 to clad a wall.

Stone Cladding

An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen was included for this courtyard project which added approx. $25,000

An Outdoor Kitchen

Here are a couple of questions we get asked.

What if I feel my budget isnot sufficient for what I want?

Do you have a cost guide to help mework on my budget for landscaping?

What Happens Next?

Here’s What A Few of Our Clients Have to Say About their Garden Transformations:

Here’s What We’llDiscuss During Your Consultation:

The current state of your garden & your unique vision for its future

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How to create the ideal garden within your budget

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Requirements to consider in order to create a perfectly compliant space

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Any questions that you have about your project or Whyte Gardens

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