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Whyte Gardens

What are Our Design Fees?

The first phase is the creation of your MASTER PLAN.

Our design fees mostly fall within the following ranges:

Simple/Small Spaces: When it comes to courtyards with limited space or a garden that perhaps only needs a planting plan, our base fee is $4400. This will allow you to have a design that lays out exactly what your future garden will look like as described in other parts of this website.

The Ideal Garden Package: the typical suburban block, requiring the complete property to be designed will be an investment of $6500. If no front garden is required a discount would apply. For larger blocks, the fee would increase depending on size and complexity.

The Aspirational Package: For those wishing to capture every possible opportunity and create a garden that all will admire takes a larger investment of the designer’s time. For a typical suburban block, a fee of $7900 would apply and for larger blocks, fees would increase depending on size and complexity.

What comes after the Master Plan?

The second phase is to create Working Drawings.

Now this phase can differ wildly in scope, depending on what your project requires. Some projects require only Working Drawings with dimensions added, while others require pages of drawings showing how aspects are going to be constructed. Working drawings can vary from as little as $1000 and be as extensive as $6000

Do you handle all compliance works?

With each project there are varying requirements for approvals to be carried out. Some projects may require an engineer; some a Planning Permit; others a Building Permit and in between this are all sorts of compliance hurdles that may require being dealt with.

You may require none of these or many. We take care of all of them for you and our fee will vary from $0 – $5000

What if I’m wanting to keep these costs down?

You should talk with your designer during the creation of your Master Plan about what aspects of the design will require compliance and are there ways to avoid having these additional approvals.

Working with WHYTE GARDENS

The design of your garden isn’t something you can just re-do if it doesn’t turn out right.

When you work with us, you are working with a creative design team dedicated to bringing out the best possible outcome.

Andrew Whyte is the pragmatic voice in the background focusing more on the construction side of your project, to ensure what is designed can be built.

We guide you through moments of clarity that inspire you. We want you to be in control of making informed decisions that ensure your garden will be designed ideal to what you appreciate and will enjoy spending time in.

Here’s What A Few of Our Clients Have to Say About their Garden Transformations:

Ready to get started?

Whatever Your Vision is for Your Perfect Garden, We’re Excited to Bring It to Life

by Managing the Entire Design & Construction Process, So you can finally relax & bask in the beauty of your beautiful outdoor space.

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