Find Out How You Can Start Creating Your

Dream Garden With A
30-Minute Paid Discovery Call

Get Actionable Advice About the
Design & Construction Process for
Your Unique Garden

During your discovery call you’ll talk directly 1:1 with one of our professional designers

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover in your call…

And this is only just scratching the surface…

We’ll cover all the most important things you need
to know about building your perfect garden.

*Zero future obligations. Actionable advice.

We Offer Two Options for Your Discovery Consultation:

Why Do We Charge for the Discovery Consultation?

It’s an important question we get asked a fair amount, so we’d be remiss not to answer. While we understand the appeal of a free consultation, experience has taught us that the free model actually hurts you in the long run.


Because it only allows us to scratch the surface during our consultation rather than give you concrete direction. By offering you a paid consultation, we’re able to get into all the nitty gritty details to understand your entire project.

We can then provide you with the highest quality & most detailed advice–whether you decide to work with us or not. And the Whyte Gardens guarantee is that we ALWAYS strive to deliver 10x more value than what you pay for.

*Note: If we do decide to work together, your consultation fees are fully reimbursed.

This One Consultation
Will Transform the
Way You View Your
Garden Forever

You’ll leave our conversation excited about the future of your
home’s outdoor space. You’ll start to see your garden for what
it can be–a classy, timeless space perfect for connecting to
nature & entertaining loved ones.

What do you say… ready to chat?

Create Your Perfect
Garden in 3 Simple Steps:

Here’s How We Can Help You

Book a Consult Call

Speak with us to discuss your goals, timeline, and budget

Create a Landscape Design

Work with our expert designers to create your tailored, beautiful vision

Build Your Idyllic Garden

Sit back & relax as we manage the installation from start to finish

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