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Whyte Gardens Provides

A seamless Design & Landscape approach you deserve

Whyte Gardens offers a suite of design and landscaping services to create a luxurious garden that you and your loved ones can enjoy.









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Contemporary Garden Design with a Classic Touch

Whyte Gardens is perfect if you want to…

Create an elegant garden that connects you to the natural beauty around you

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Work with a professional design team with over 30 years of landscaping experience

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Free up your time by trusting industry experts to handle every aspect of the process

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Host memorable get-togethers in a stunning garden and create lifelong memories

Create your Ideal Outside Space with Whyte Gardens

Imagine if your garden was your personal sanctuary away from the hectic pace of daily life. You may have worked hard to stylishly design the interior of your home but why stop there? Let your elegant design and unique taste flow seamlessly into your garden too.

Bask in the luxury of a garden that’s not only ideal for entertaining guests, but also perfectly captures the essence of who you are. Working with Whyte Gardens is your opportunity to create what you’ve always dreamed of – a beautiful, inviting garden that delights both you and your loved ones.

Choosing the Right Designer can be a Difficult Decision

There are so many details involved in creating your dream garden. Between building codes, council requirements AND design techniques, you need to be sure that your team has it all covered.

Here at Whyte Gardens, we take care of the entire process from end-to-end until your vision is fully brought to life. As designers and landscapers, we’re experts in both aesthetics and functionality – because we believe that you can’t have one without the other.

From the First Creative Design Drafts to the Final Construction Touches

Whyte Gardens seamlessly creates your Ideal Garden

Providing you with Clarity & Confidence throughout the entire process

We know it can often feel daunting and time-consuming to turn your garden dreams into reality – but you don’t need to go at it alone. At Whyte Gardens, it’s our job to help you every step of the way – whether you have a concrete vision or merely a vague idea of what you want your ideal space to look like.

Do any of these statements describe your thoughts about your garden?

If you resonate with ANY of the below, we can help. Here at Whyte Gardens, our reliable, professional landscape design team prides itself on delivering a premium experience during each step of the process.

You know what you want but you’re unsure how to actually put it together…

And the idea of handling the entire process from scratch seems overwhelming.

You inherited someone else’s garden or you’re creating your own from the start…

And you want to make sure you put your unique stamp on it.

You worry that you can’t find a designer you can trust with this crucial process…

And that they’ll ignore your ideas and build an arrangement based on their wishes.

Your garden looks like a completely detached and lifeless entity…

And it’s keeping you from enjoying time outside and soaking in nature’s beauty.

We take care of all your Design & Landscaping needs from start to finish

We offer a range of premium services that takes you through the entire garden design process – from the initial seeds of your vision all the way to the final landscaping touches. This is a truly end-to-end experience for your outside space.

When you partner with us, we take our passion for design and manage every step of the process (from obtaining permits to landscaping, construct and everything in between!) so you can enjoy a timeless garden that makes you proud.

Here's how we can help you create your Ideal Garden in 3 simple steps:

Why choose Whyte Gardens?

People all across Melbourne have trusted us to build them the garden of their dreams.

Your garden will be in the hands of industry-leading professionals

Our team has 30+ years of experience in all aspects of landscape design – and we’ve created more than 550 beautiful gardens along the way.

You can trust us to do all the heavy lifting from start to finish

We handle every step of the process so you can free up your time and never have to worry about a thing.

You’ll be kept in the loop during each step of the process

We communicate with you the entire time so you feel a real sense of partnership (and pride).

Your new garden will make your home the talk of the town

Our goal is always to create a sophisticated garden that makes you proud and stops neighbours in their tracks to marvel at its beauty.

Meet Our Founder

Andrew Whyte

With 30+ years of experience in the landscape design industry, Andrew’s developed a keen passion for nature and beauty. Over the course of his career, he realised that his purpose in life is to help more people experience the pleasures of the great outdoors. Why? Because he knows that connection to nature is vital to our well-being.

"Nature has the power to deliver human beings a sense of freedom and calm – and I genuinely believe that there’s more joy to be had outside than inside. It’s a hectic world for most of us and the need for a sanctuary is vital to our sense of well-being. That sanctuary is your garden.”

Andrew works closely with our expert team to turn your design vision into a functional masterpiece. Upon completion, you’ll be inspired by a garden that allows you to connect with nature, yourself and your loved ones.

Here’s What A Few of Our Clients Have to Say About their Garden Transformations:

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Ready to get started?

Whatever your vision is for your Ideal Garden, we’re excited to bring it to life

We will manage the entire Design & Construction process, so you can finally relax and bask in the beauty of your beautiful outdoor space.

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