Terms & Conditions

Architect’s, Draftsman or Engineer’s drawings – If drawings are provided to Whyte Gardens during the design process, to be worked from or referred to, we assume that these drawings or relevant notations are confirmed locked in. If changes are made by an Architect, Draftsman, engineer etc. that affect our design and cause additional design work, revision fees will be charged to the client either as $135/hr. (Inc. GST) rate or as a revision fee proposal.

Permit Rejection - We do our best to work within the guidelines set out by Building codes, Australian Standards, Local councils and Architects, however, surprise decisions can be made that are not under our control. Therefore, if re-design works are required to change the design to comply, we may charge for the additional time at $135/hour GST incl. for this.   

CAD Files – We do not provide any CAD files to the client, this remains the property of Whyte Gardens. We only provide PDF copies of our designs.

The client is not under any obligation to sign up for any future stages of the design and can stop on completion of any stage we have been engaged to work on.

Property Boundaries – It is often found with most properties, that your boundary fences do not reflect the true/accurate location of your properties Title Boundary. We recommend that all boundaries be located & confirmed by an external Boundary Surveyor consultant, an additional fee to this proposal. If you as the client choose not to have your Title Boundaries confirmed, then Whyte Gardens cannot be held responsible for any errors made.

Meetings – All meetings, other than the initial Site Analysis visit, will be held on a Zoom call unless otherwise agreed upon. If the client requests us to meet on-site, we may ask for additional fees to cover these costs.

Design and Construction are separate activities. There is no obligation for either party to engage in construction. The client has full rights to choose another landscaper, and if so, we end all connections unless an agreement is struck between both parties.

If the client does not get back to us in a reasonable timeframe we have the right to cancel the agreement with no refund. This is only in extreme occurrences, i.e. in trying to deliver a Concept design we have called and emailed, and 4 months afterwards we still cannot form a meeting, then we can cancel the agreement.

Dimensions and levels and detailed construction drawings fall under the 'working drawings' stage, not the Master Plan stage. Once the Master is complete, we can provide a fee for the working drawings stage.

If you decide after the Concept Design is delivered that moving into the Master Plan phase isn't for you, you can advise us not to commence it.